If you’ve nothing nice to say!

I don’t know what’s happened over the last week or so, but strangers have felt the need to comment on a couple of the dogs I walk. These dogs were not misbehaving in any way but so far I have got a: “My dog walker refuses to walk dogs like that” and “Are they ok with other dogs? Even that one?” – when the one in question was excitedly wagging her tail and smiling at them.

It is not the first time I have heard of dog walkers banning certain breeds from their walks – hey, their loss is my gain! I do, however, find it terribly upsetting that people who call themselves “dog lovers” discriminate against dogs just because they are a certain breed. I do not, and will never, refuse to take a dog based on its looks. As long as owners are up front and honest about their dogs’ temperaments and it is doable in my schedule, I will walk any dog.

Dogs get enough bad press – do we need dog owners contributing to it?

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