Second hand animals make first class pets

I remember seeing this quote somewhere and thinking how perfectly it reflects my life and my animals.

My dogs have been through at least two different owners. My hamster, like my last two, previously had another home, as he was a rescue from Gumtree.

I finished my last blog saying that we are on a break from fostering. Many mocked, but I was adamant! Well, this girl had other ideas – meet Nyla!



Our girl came with a different name, but I wanted a new start for her so we changed it to Nyla – an Irish name, meaning Champion. I won’t go into Nyla’s story, it will only cause upset. What I will say is that this little girl has suffered in her young life. She is only two and her past has made her very nervous of people she doesn’t know. As it stood at the weekend, her future was pretty uncertain so we made the obvious decision. Once she met our dogs, she jumped in the car quite happily and cuddled into them on the way home.

The first couple of nights with Nyla were quite upsetting. She was awfully timid and unsettled. She paced, whined and panted throughout the night. She didn’t understand who we were or where she was. She wouldn’t even jump out the car unless Meg or Charlie stood in front of her and tempted her out. She was a lost soul, it’s the only way to describe her. How do you explain to a dog that her life is about to be changed? How do you tell her that she can trust us? Nyla is a smart little girl, though, and she is learning quickly. She has already figured out where the food is kept and she discovered the joy of the sofa after about two minutes of being in our home! She still gets a little upset if we move quickly or do something she’s not expecting but she is changing every day and it’s heartwarming to watch.

Nyla isn’t going to be second hand, nor third. Not even fourth – we are only part of her journey in finding her forever home. But what I do know is that she is going to be a first class pet when she finds it.

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